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What are the placement methods of hardware processing parts?


What are the placement methods of hardware parts processing? In order to process a surface that meets the requirements on a certain part of hardware parts processing, before machining, it is necessary to use a hardware processing machine tool to occupy a correct position relative to the tool, which is usually called the process of parts Positioning, after the hardware parts are positioned, because they will be affected by cutting force and gravity during processing, it is also necessary to use a certain mechanism to clamp the parts, so that they remain unchanged in a certain position, and the parts will be clamped from positioning to clamping. This process is collectively referred to as installation. What are the installation methods of hardware components?

How to place hardware parts?

The placement of hardware parts is a very important part of mold processing, which will directly affect the final processing accuracy, the speed of product clamping and the stability of clamping, and it will also affect the overall production. Efficiency, in order to ensure the relative position accuracy between the machined surface and the design benchmark, the hardware parts need to use the machined surface benchmark to occupy the correct position relative to the equipment when placing them, and the parts need to be installed with the design benchmark and machine tool. The axis lines of the main shaft coincide;

When processing parts on different hardware processing machine tools, there are many different placement methods. The placement methods can be mainly classified into three types: alignment method, line alignment method, and fixture installation:

1. Find the right way directly

When this method is used, the hardware processing parts occupy the correct position on the equipment, which is obtained through a series of attempts. It is the scribing needle on the dial, correct the correct position of the parts by visual inspection, and align it while checking until it meets the requirements;

The positioning accuracy of the direct alignment method and the alignment speed depend on the alignment accuracy and alignment method, alignment tools and the technical level of the actual operator. And many need to rely on experience to operate, the requirements for operators will be relatively high, so it is generally used in single-piece, prototype or small batch production, and when there is a relatively high requirement for the positioning accuracy of parts, For example, when the accuracy of the error is only allowed to be 0.01~0.03mm, it is difficult to use a fixture to meet the requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to use a precise measuring tool, and it is also necessary to use the direct alignment method by an operator with a relatively high technical level. To position, in order to achieve the accuracy requirements of the product;

2. Find the right way to draw a line

This method is to use a scribing needle on the equipment to find the hardware according to the line drawn on the blank or semi-finished product, so that it can obtain the correct position. Obviously, this method requires an additional scribing process. The line itself has a certain width, and there will be errors when scribing. When correcting the position of the hardware workpiece, it is necessary to observe the error. Therefore, this method is more suitable for small production batches, low precision of blanks and large processing. Hardware parts are inconvenient to use fixtures in the roughing process;

3 The way of using the fixture

The fixture is an additional device for hardware processing equipment. Its position relative to the tool on the equipment has been adjusted in advance before the hardware processing parts are installed. Therefore, when processing batch parts, it is no longer necessary to align the positioning one by one. It can ensure the technical requirements of processing, is convenient and saves trouble, can effectively improve the efficiency of positioning, and is more suitable for the processing of large quantities of hardware parts;

The above is how the hardware processing parts are placed. I hope this article can help you.