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Hardware processing factory hardware accessories import customs declaration process steps?


1. The import declaration process of hardware accessories in hardware processing plants

  • 1. Determine the foreign shipping method: sea, air, express, it is generally recommended to choose the air shipping method;
  • 2. Determine the import port, if the instrument needs to provide 3C certification, it is recommended to choose Hong Kong for import customs clearance;
  • 3. The enterprise provides the following information: name of the instrument, customs code, picture, weight, volume, specification, brand, value packaging, functional use, power, voltage, design principle, etc.;
  • 4. For instruments that do not require 3C certification, it is recommended to choose a port with high import customs clearance efficiency for import. The port import efficiency can be expressed as: simple inspection standards, whether the legal inspection goods are transferred away, the speed of evaluation is fast, how many products of the same kind are imported at the port, and the processing ability to handle emergencies;
  • 5. The enterprise will deliver the goods to the selected port, start the inspection and customs declaration, and provide the following information: packing list, contract;
  • 6. Review the documents, after the price review is approved, the tax is paid and released, and then sent to the customer’s factory.

2. Import customs clearance agent for hardware accessories and other related equipment in hardware processing plants

  • Operation Note: Origin Brand Year Model Weight Specifications (strict procedures, full operation)
  • Applicable manufacturers: import by private enterprises, international middlemen trade, self-use by sole proprietorships, design principles, instructions, pictures, bills of lading, etc.;
  • Service method: Europe/Japan, South Korea, Taiwan/US and Canada—Transit in Hong Kong—Guangdong warehousing—full domestic logistics and distribution. Complete set of documents, commodity inspection, customs clearance (1-8-9-3-8-2-6-3-8-3-2), port disinfection. Provide professional letter of credit, T/T, or offshore D/P and other business supporting services such as trade finance and foreign exchange payment