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Precision connector technology


Precision connector involves many links such as product design, process technology and quality control technology. The main technologies include the following:

(1) Precision mold processing technology: CAD, CAM and other technologies are adopted, high-precision processing equipment in the industry is introduced, and personnel production experience and advanced equipment technology are used to achieve high-precision high-quality mold products.

(2) Precision stamping and precision injection molding technology: to achieve all kinds of stamping and injection molding parts precise, efficient and stable all-round control and perfect surface quality, and ensure product quality.

(3) Automatic assembly technology: through the application of precision control technology, semi-automatic testing machine technology and other applications, overcome the difficulties of manual operation of precision products and improve the core competitiveness.

With the continuous development of automobile industry, computer communication industry and other application fields, the market capacity of connectors has gradually expanded, with an average annual growth rate of more than two digits. The market has great development potential. China has become the market with the fastest growth and capacity [sensitive words] of connectors in the world.

The top five application fields in global connector sales are: automobile, computer and its peripherals, communications, industrial equipment, aerospace and military, while the top five applications in terms of growth are consumer electronics, transportation electronics, medical electronics, communications electronics, computers and peripherals. Among them, medical electronics has become a new growth point of connector application. With the implementation of the new medical reform and the continuous improvement of the level of medical information in China, the demand capacity of the connector market in the medical field in China is increasing.