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Turn milling compound CNC machine tools


The use of CNC vertical lathe to process precision parts not only solves the processing problems difficult to be solved by ordinary machine tools, but also improves the processing accuracy and production efficiency. With the continuous development of CNC vertical lathe processing precision parts industry, the precision requirements of mechanical processing are also constantly improving. CNC vertical lathe processing precision parts technology is a manufacturing technology applied in recent years, so it is more suitable for thin-walled parts. In addition, how to improve the processing efficiency and better service in the process of CNC vertical lathe machining precision parts has become a major problem at present. The editor consulted relevant materials and summarized them as follows:

Improve the efficiency of CNC vertical lathe processing precision parts:

In the process of machining precision parts with CNC vertical lathe, there will be common problems such as accelerated tool wear, poor processing surface integrity, and difficulty in chip removal, which seriously affect the quality, production cycle and processing cost of precision parts with such data.

According to the theory of metal skills, metal cutting and precision parts processing, the above material processing difficulties are analyzed, and a set of effective stainless steel data drilling, reaming and boring processing skills are explored.

NC vertical lathe machining precision parts requires super lubricating machining appearance and high machining accuracy, which requires that the tool has a high standard life. Whether the tool is worn or not will be based on whether the machining appearance quality is reduced.

The standard life of diamond tools is very high, and the tool wear is also very slow in high-speed cutting. Therefore, in ultra precision cutting, the cutting speed is not restricted by the tool life, which is different from the general cutting rules.

The selection of NC vertical lathe machining precision parts parameters mainly includes the selection of cutting tool view, cutting speed, cutting depth and feed speed. From our past experience, we know that when processing plastic materials, if we choose a tool with a large rake angle, we can effectively suppress the formation of chip accretion. This is the basis for reducing the cutting force, reducing the cutting deformation, shortening the contact length between the tool and the chip, and reducing the formation of chip accretion when the rake angle of the tool increases.

When using NC vertical lathe to process workpiece, many new and higher requirements are put forward for processing technology and tool design. Compound processing is just one of the development directions of many ways of NC vertical lathe processing. Therefore, the most common methods are turning milling compound processing and boring milling processing. Theoretically, this method can save a lot of time of process equipment and simplify its process flow, which is also one of the effective means to improve product quality and production efficiency. However, for some small enterprises, the price of such equipment is on the high side.