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How to set CNC milling processing conditions-Milling cutting speed


In CNC milling machining, after choosing a tool, many people usually don’t understand how much cutting speed and speed to choose, but only through experiments, as long as there are no special problems, they think it is OK. This is very dangerous, and the problem that often occurs is that the knife is broken, or the material is melted or scorched. Is there a scientific calculation method? The answer is yes.

Milling cutting speed refers to the instantaneous speed of the selected point on the tool relative to the corresponding point on the workpiece.

Vc cutting speed, unit m/min

N tool speed, unit r/min

D Milling cutter diameter, unit mm

Cutting speed is affected by factors such as tool material, workpiece material, machine tool component rigidity and cutting fluid. Generally, lower cutting speeds are often used to process hard or ductile metals, which belong to powerful cutting. The purpose is to reduce tool wear and extend tool life.

Higher cutting speeds are often used for processing soft materials in order to obtain better surface processing quality. When small-diameter tools are used for micro-cutting on brittle material workpieces or precision parts, higher cutting speeds can also be used. For example, the milling speed of high-speed steel is 91~244m/min for aluminum and 20~40m/min for bronze.