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Features of CNC turning machining


CNC wheel turning processing has been increasingly used in modern manufacturing, and it has exerted its incomparable advantages over ordinary lathes. CNC numerical control lathe processing has the following characteristics:

1. The transmission chain of CNC wheel turning processing is short. Compared with ordinary lathes, the spindle drive is no longer the speed of the motor belt gear mechanism. Instead, the horizontal and longitudinal feeds are driven by two servo motors to complete the movement, and the change wheel is no longer used. The transmission chain is greatly shortened by traditional components such as, clutch, etc.

2. High rigidity. In order to match the high precision of the CNC system, the rigidity of CNC wheel machining is high, so as to get used to the high-precision machining requirements.

3. Lightly drag, the tool post (workbench) is moved with ball screw pair, which has little conflict and is easy to move. The supporting special bearings at both ends of the screw have a larger pressure angle than ordinary bearings and are selected when leaving the factory; the smooth part of the CNC wheel machining is automatically smoothed with oil mist. These measures make the CNC wheel machining move lighter.