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What is the compound stamping of the stamping processing plant


There are many kinds of stamping methods in stamping processing plants, because many articles needed in life are inseparable from the role of stamping. The compound stamping of a stamping processing plant is a way of stamping processing, and what does this compound stamping process refer to? It refers to the combination of stamping process and other processing processes. This processing method is called composite stamping, such as the combination of stamping and electromagnetic forming, as well as the combination of stamping and cold forging.

What is the combination of stamping and cold forging?

In stamping, general sheet metal stamping can only form parts with equal wall thickness, although there are some other methods to obtain other thin-walled parts. For example, thin drawing method can be used to obtain thick bottom and thin wall parts, but only so, the forming limitations of stamping will limit its application.

We will also see some commonly used parts in automobile products. In the production of such parts, thin-walled but unequal thickness parts are encountered. At this time, it will be relatively easy to use a single combination of stamping and cold forging to make composite plastic forming.

Therefore, the combination of stamping and cold forging can expand the range of sheet metal processing. Therefore, this is a very high-quality composite stamping method.

No matter what kind of materials and products you need, there are a variety of stamping processes and composite stamping processes in the stamping factory, which can create different types of products with different needs. In addition, there are many advantages of stamping cold forging compound plastic forming in stamping processing plants, which can not only reduce production costs, but also help to improve die life.