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What are the reasons for the size discrepancy of metal stamping parts in non-standard precision hardware processing plants?


Non standard precision hardware processing factory can produce and process many kinds of metal stamping parts required by many industries. However, in the actual stamping production process, it is sometimes found that the size of the processed stamping parts does not meet the requirements, which is a quality problem that is never allowed. Therefore, specific reasons must be found to solve before continuing production.

Based on years of practical experience in metal stamping production, non-standard precision metal processing plants found that the following reasons may cause poor size of stamping parts:

1. Poor mold design, processing and assembly lead to poor size, which usually occurs in the first production.

2. When erecting the mold, the height adjustment position of the mold is not consistent, the mold cannot be in place during stamping, resulting in the size is not consistent, or because the mold head is not locked behind the regulator mold, the mold height runs out during stamping.

3. When positioning, it is not placed in an accurate position, which will increase the die clearance and lead to poor size.

4. The loose die positioning causes the offset of the stamping parts during positioning, thus resulting in the poor size of the stamping parts.

Find out the cause of poor size of stamping parts, and solve the problem pertinently, then qualified metal stamping parts can be produced.