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How do hardware manufacturers purchase high-quality non-standard screws?


How do hardware manufacturers purchase high-quality non-standard screws? Although non-standard screws are small, they are of great significance, because they are widely used in industry, and they are called “rice of industry”. Everyday life is inseparable from it. After a rough count of ordinary household decoration, 886 non-standard screws are used for doors, windows, furniture, pipelines, household appliances, etc. in a 110 square meter home. In terms of general household decoration, the total price of non-standard screws that may be used will not exceed 1000 yuan.

However, the quality of these small things, which are less than 1000 yuan, cannot be ignored. Over the years, because non-standard screws, nuts and production technologies are simple and the market access threshold is low, non-standard screw manufacturers have fallen into low-level competition. The market is full of low-quality non-standard screws that do not meet the national quality standards. It is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish between good and bad in the market. The following points:

1、 Measuring the outer diameter, the inferior product is thin and short, which is obviously one circle thinner than the qualified non-standard screw. What is more surprising is that the inferior products do not even have spring washers on non-standard screws. The spring washer is mainly used for pressurization. It is difficult to fix it firmly without expansion screws of the spring washer.

2、 Look at the appearance. The authentic screws have been treated by surface technology, and the glossiness is high. The interface is smooth without sand holes. The inferior screws have rough process, shallow threads, many burrs, different angle widths of non-standard screws, shallow thread grooves, and uneven threads. If such inferior non-standard screws are used on furniture, they are easy to slip or even break, and are basically “disposable products”.

3、 Check the certificate of origin of the products. If the origin comes to Guangdong, the qualification rate will be better, because there are all supporting manufacturers of export products, and the product quality requirements will be stricter and the quality will be more guaranteed.