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What are the common equipment for precision machining?


Precision machining is a process of changing the overall dimension or performance of a workpiece with a processing machine. According to the temperature state of the workpiece to be processed, it can be divided into cold processing and hot processing. It is generally processed at normal temperature without causing chemical or physical phase changes of the workpiece, which is called cold processing. Generally, processing above or below normal temperature will cause chemical or physical phase changes of the workpiece, which is called hot processing. According to the difference of processing methods, cold machining can be divided into cutting and pressure machining. Hot processing commonly includes heat treatment, calcination, casting and welding.

Many equipment will be used in the process of precision machining. Here are some common mechanical equipment:

Such as wire cutting, electric discharge machining machine, deep-hole electric discharge machining machine, CNC optical projection grinding, tool grinder, universal grinder, NC coreless grinder, surface grinder, inner diameter and outer diameter grinding, precision surface grinder, precision forming grinder, large water mill, NC milling machine, grinding machine, machining center, PVD titanium plating machine, laser welding machine, carbonized water cleaning machine, barrel grinder, vacuum heat treatment furnace, etc.