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What are the advantages of CNC precision parts processing?


In the practical application of CNC, the higher the accuracy and precision of precision parts processing, the more it can reflect the processing and quality. In addition, these products are increasingly favored by consumers. Generally speaking, the center of CNC machining center has incomparable advantages and characteristics in production and manufacturing, and its product quality is generally high, so what are the characteristics of CNC precision parts processing?

1. CNC precision parts processing plays an irreplaceable role in the development of new products. Generally speaking, different and complex mechanical equipment parts can be processed according to the program, while the design scheme of transformation and upgrading only needs to change the program flow of the CNC lathe, which can greatly reduce the product development cycle of the commodity.

2. The automation technology level of CNC precision parts processing is very high, which greatly reduces the energy and labor efficiency of employees. Employees do not need to operate the whole process like ordinary lathes in the production process, but mainly observe and supervise CNC lathes. However, the technological content of the corresponding CNC machining center is higher than that of the ordinary lathe, so the relative provisions of the ordinary lathe are higher.

3. CNC precision parts processing has high efficiency. In addition, the machining of mechanical equipment parts of CNC machine tools can produce and manufacture multiple surfaces. Compared with ordinary NC machining, it can save a lot of production process and time. In addition, the part quality of CNC machining center is also relatively stable.

4. The initial project investment is relatively large compared with that of ordinary lathes. Due to the high price of machining centers, the maintenance costs and the initial stage of production and manufacturing are relatively long.