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Three characteristics of precision hardware processing


Precision hardware machining is also known as turning machining of cam machine tool, which uses the track rotation of cam to drive the walking of props to cut. Precision hardware processing has many advantages, such as high efficiency, precision and low cost.

Precision hardware processing is applied in a wide range of fields. It has a huge market in electronic appliances, computers, mobile phones, communication equipment, automobiles, medical equipment, office equipment, etc. High-precision full-precision hardware processing equipment can be divided into two types, namely, walking knife type and walking center type, with high precision, which can ensure the bright and stable character of the product.

Hardware precision hardware processing mainly refers to metal or nonmetal sheet metal, with the help of the pressure of the press, and the metal stamping process is formed by stamping die, which has the following three main characteristics:

(1) During the stamping process of precision hardware processing, because the surface of the material is not damaged, it has good surface quality and smooth and beautiful appearance, which provides convenient conditions for surface painting, electroplating, phosphating and other surface treatment.
(2) Precision hardware processing is a product made by stamping on the premise of low material consumption. Its parts are light in weight and good in rigidity. After plastic deformation of the sheet metal, the internal structure of the metal is improved, and the precision hardware processing strength is improved.
(3) Precision hardware processing has high dimensional accuracy, uniform size of the same module, and good interchangeability. General assembly and use requirements can be met without further machining.

Precision hardware processing parts can include studs, nuts, rivets, etc. Precision hardware processing materials are also very wide, the most common materials are iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. The use of high-precision hardware processing can be more rapid, cost saving, and more scale and market competitiveness. The precision equipment system more reflects the technical strength of a company.