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Precision water pipe fittings


High-pressure nozzle atomization adjustable spray garden spraying cleaning machine agricultural sprayer remote shooting high fruit tree spray

Match your pergola with our large selection of stainless steel powder coated mist tube. 

If it is too hot for us, it is too hot for our furry friends. Cool down your pets with our K9 Cooling Mist Cube、

Precision Mist offers fully integrated fog features. Besides creating a mystical cloud-like atmosphere, foggers serve the practical purpose of cooling down extremely hot pool environments. 

It’s no secret that synthetic grass lawns can be hot during summer months. Now, with the development of the Precision Mist turf cooling system, families and pets can enjoy being outside even on the hottest days.

Precision Mist offers the finest outdoor & greenhouse cooling effects in the industry. Keep your greenhouse under controlled environments for optimum growing conditions. We carry customized misting system products for outdoor patio misting systems, pools, waterfalls, personal misters, amusement parks, golf courses, resorts, living areas, restaurants, sport events, warehouse, greenhouse, livestock, zoos and animal kennels.