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How to choose and judge the production of stainless steel precision hardware processing?


How to choose and judge the production of stainless steel precision hardware processing? At present, stainless steel hardware is commonly used in home decoration, but stainless steel materials have drawbacks such as impure materials and easy to print water stains. Currently, many households are starting to use aluminum alloy accessories. According to industry insiders.

In fact, the aluminum materials claimed by some businesses in the market are only alloy materials containing aluminum. Aluminum alloy materials are mixed with silicon, magnesium and other ingredients. Different aluminum alloy materials have a great relationship with the thickness of the surface facial mask layer and the surface treatment process. These factors often affect the price and quality of materials. The CEO of a certain enterprise introduced that the surface treatment processes mainly include oxidation, sanding, electroplating, wood grain, and baking paint, and the product prices also vary greatly.

The common aluminum alloy materials in the market mainly include aluminum magnesium alloy and aluminum oxide, with a price difference of nearly one-third between the two. Due to the similar surface appearance of aluminum oxide and aluminum magnesium alloy materials, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish, but consumers can judge from aspects such as feel and water stains. Experts say that aluminum magnesium alloy materials are relatively heavy, have a smooth surface, are less prone to water stains, and have good toughness; Aluminum oxide materials have a rough surface, which is prone to blackening and water stains.

1. Bathroom silver mirror
According to reports, the mirrors commonly used in home decoration are mainly divided into ordinary mirrors and silver mirrors. The price difference between the two is about 30%. The market price of silver mirrors is on average 80~90 yuan per square meter, while ordinary mirrors are only 50 yuan per square meter, and the quality is far from the same. The difference in materials is the main factor causing the difference in prices between the two. The back of the silver mirror is first coated with a layer of mercury before painting; On the other hand, the back of the regular mirror is coated with a layer of aluminum and then painted, which greatly reduces its waterproof and anti fog effects. At the same time, when exposed to water, the frame of the regular mirror is prone to turning red and the paint surface is prone to peeling off.

2. Beware of stainless steel becoming “stainless iron”
Many merchants use stainless steel as a substitute when promoting stainless steel hardware accessories, which involves adding a lot of iron to the stainless steel material, resulting in a price difference of nearly twice. Taking the towel rack as an example, the average price of stainless steel material is 200 yuan per piece, while the price of stainless steel is only 70 yuan per piece. On the surface, the two are basically the same, but the surface of stainless steel material is brighter. With the use of stainless steel for a long time, the surface is prone to blackening and rusting.

3. The main agent ratio of waterproof coating affects the overall quality
The major factor affecting the quality of waterproof engineering is waterproof coatings. It is reported that waterproof coatings are mainly divided into two types: water-based and polyurethane. Currently, water-based waterproof coatings are commonly used in home decoration, which mainly include four categories: waterproof agents directly added to cement, waterproof coatings without the main agent, rigid waterproof coatings with the main agent, and flexible coatings with the main agent. Waterproof agents added to cement do not have a waterproof effect and are commonly found in civil engineering.