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Characteristics of NC Precision Parts Processing


The higher the precision of precision parts in specific use, the more sophisticated they will be, the more they will highlight the processing level and product quality, and this kind of product is also more popular with customers. Generally, NC machining has incomparable advantages and features in production and processing, and its product quality will be better in general. What are the characteristics of NC precision parts processing?

1. NC precision parts processing has an irreplaceable effect in the development of new products. Generally, parts with different complexity can be processed according to the programming. However, as long as the program of the lathe is changed, the development cycle of products can be greatly shortened.

2. The production efficiency of CNC precision parts processing is better. CNC parts processing can produce and process multiple surfaces. Compared with ordinary lathe processing, it can save many processes and time, and the quality of parts processed by CNC is much more reliable than that of ordinary lathe.

3. The degree of automation in the processing of CNC precision parts is very high, which greatly alleviates the physical labor intensity of workers. Workers do not need to operate the whole process like ordinary lathes in the processing process, but mainly observe and supervise the lathes. However, the technology content of CNC machining is higher than that of ordinary lathes, so it requires better mental labor than ordinary lathes.

4. The initial investment is larger than that of ordinary lathes because the price of CNC lathes is very high, and their maintenance costs and initial preparation period for production and processing are long.