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Working Principle and Advantages of CNC Hardware Processing


The working principle of CNC hardware processing can generally control the machine tool according to numerical sequential instructions to achieve automatic spindle start/stop, reversing, and speed change. It can automatically control the feed speed, direction, and processing route for processing. Able to select tools and adjust the cutting amount and walking path according to the tool size, and can complete various auxiliary actions required in processing. The structure of CNC hardware processing is also composed of a spindle box, a tool holder, a feed transmission system, and a bed. The hydraulic system, cooling system, lubrication system, and other components are only composed of the feed system of CNC lathes and the feed system of horizontal lathes, which have essential differences in structure.

Summary of the advantages of CNC hardware processing: Nowadays, many parts are processed using CNC. The reason for this situation is that CNC hardware processing has many superior features, not only convenient operation but also good processing results. It is precisely for this reason that the CNC hardware processing industry has received so much attention. Do you know the specific advantages of CNC hardware processing?

The advantages of CNC hardware processing can be summarized as follows:

1. The machine and equipment have stable performance and simple operation.
2. Parts can be disassembled appropriately.
3. Directly using engineering plastics has low material costs and a wide range of material choices.
4. It is particularly suitable for machining large size and relatively simple structure components.