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What kind of material is suitable for precision machining


In the precision machining of our country, what fields are precision machining of stamping parts applied to? The precision of precision machining is high, and the processing cost is also high. It is mainly used in national defense and medical equipment

Civil and military fields such as military equipment, aerospace and electronic production. With the continuous development of optimization and upgrading of China’s industrial structure, the demand for machine parts processing is also increasing. Therefore, subject to

Therefore, a large amount of manpower, material resources and financial resources have been invested in this aspect to cultivate talents for the development of precision mechanical parts processing in China. But not all materials related to precision machining

All materials are OK. Some materials are too hard. If they exceed the hardness of processing parts, they may break the parts. Therefore, these materials are not suitable for precision machining, unless they are made of special materials

Or laser cutting Materials for precision machining can be divided into two types: metal materials and non-metallic materials. For metal materials, the hardness of metal stamping parts manufacturers is greater than that of stainless steel

The second is cast iron, the second is copper, and the last is aluminum. The processing of ceramics and plastics belongs to the processing of non-metallic materials.