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What are the factors that affect the quality stability of hardware stamping parts?


In manufacturers of metal stamping parts, molds and presses are generally used to process metal sheet materials or strips at room temperature. Stamping molds and presses are used to process metal sheet materials or strips at room temperature to obtain parts with a certain shape and size required by various industries. These parts are called stamping parts, The qualification rate of stamping parts is directly related to the economic benefits of hardware stamping parts manufacturers.

To ensure the stability of the quality of hardware stamping parts, two aspects should be taken into consideration; The stability of the process and production. Process stability refers to the process plan that meets the stability of producing qualified products; production stability refers to the stable production capacity during the production process. In actual stamping production, the stability of stamping molds is a key factor in ensuring quality.

Multiple metal materials are used in stamping molds. The functions of each component in the mold are different, and the requirements and selection principles for materials are also different. When selecting mold materials, in addition to requiring high strength, high wear resistance, and appropriate toughness, it is also necessary to fully consider the characteristics and output requirements of the processed product materials to meet the stability requirements of mold forming. In practice, mold designers tend to choose mold materials based on personal experience. In metal stamping, instability in mold forming often occurs due to the material selection of mold parts., How to reasonably select mold materials has become one of the most important tasks in mold design.

It should be pointed out that there are many factors that affect the quality stability of hardware stamping parts, such as the use of mold materials, the strength requirements of mold structural components, the stability of stamping material performance, the fluctuation of material thickness, the range of material changes, the size of tensile force, the range of bedside force changes, and the selection of lubricants. When formulating the production process of hardware stamping parts, it is necessary to consider the influence of these many factors in order to develop a stable manufacturing process plan.