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What are the advantages of metal stamping process


Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of living standards, various processing technologies are constantly emerging, and metal stamping parts have been widely used in many fields, which shows that metal stamping parts have been closely related to our lives. I believe many people also know that metal stamping parts are made through stamping process, and stamping process is inseparable from mold processing.

What are the advantages of metal stamping process

Hardware stamping

What advantages does this stamping process have? Let’s take the following points to understand:

1. It is convenient to assemble and repair, saving time and effort.

2. The shape is simple and the structure is reasonable, which is conducive to the manufacturing and processing of the die.

3. It can improve the utilization rate of metal materials and reduce the types and specifications of materials.

4. It is conducive to exchanging the same batch of workpieces to reduce scrap.

To sum up, we can see the advantages of metal stamping parts. In the metal stamping process, the principle is usually to apply an external force to the workpiece blank through the ground die to produce plastic deformation or separation, so that a workpiece with certain size, shape and performance can be obtained.