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What are the advantages of CNC precision parts processing?


In the machining manufacturing industry, the machining accuracy usually affects the quality of the production and machining parts to a great extent, and CNC precision parts machining itself is a kind of high-standard production and processing means, which can achieve better than traditional production and processing methods. There are many advantages that other production and processing methods do not have, so what are the advantages of CNC precision parts processing? Next, I will give you a concise and detailed introduction:

1. Management of tool lifespan: It can manage multiple tools working at the same time and multiple blades on the same tool to improve production efficiency.

2. Early warning of tool breakage: Using certain technical detection methods, the wear and damage of the tool can be detected early, and an alarm will be issued at the same time, so that the tool can be replaced in a timely manner to ensure the production and processing quality of the parts.

3. Machine tool overload power-off protection: According to the load of the production process, the maximum load level is set. When the load reaches the set value, the machine tool can realize automatic power-off and shutdown to implement the protection function for the machine tool.

4. Multi-axis control linkage: Generally speaking, three-axis linkage is usually used more, but according to some adjustments, it can be a four-axis, five-axis, seven-axis or even more linkage axis machining center.

5. Parallel connection of machine tools: The functions of the more common machining centers are also relatively fixed, and the machining centers and turning centers, or vertical and horizontal machining centers can be combined together, which can improve the production and processing scope and production capacity of the machining center.