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Surface Treatment Process of Precision Hardware Processing Factory


Precision metal stamping high-precision parts have a very high demand for hardness and flexibility in specific work. The performance and service life of furniture hardware processing have a great relationship with its surface performance

However, the improvement of surface properties cannot be simply guaranteed by raw materials, which is also a very uneconomical practice. However, the specific processing needs to make its performance standardized

With surface solution technology, it can usually achieve the practical effect of twice the effort and half the effort. In recent years, this technology has also achieved a rapid development trend.
The mold polishing technology in the mold shell surface solution industry is a very critical stage, and it is also the main processing technology in the product workpiece processing. The surface treatment process of high-precision parts has been fully processed

The process is very critical. What is the surface treatment process of high-precision components? It is worth mentioning that the surface grinding and polishing of die shells of high-precision parts

In the process of operation, the precision processing of hardware not only receives the hazards of processing technology and polishing machinery, but also continues to suffer the hazards of the mirror glassiness of the raw materials of parts

The lack of sufficient attention in the work also indicates that the grinding and polishing itself is endangered by raw materials. Although the processing technology to improve the surface performance of high-precision parts

The continuous innovation and upgrading of the technology, however, are mostly used in the processing of high-precision components, or mainly for the accumulation of hard substrate, nitriding, nitriding technology. Due to the nitriding technology

Horizontal surface performance, and the processing technology of nitriding technology has a very high consistency with the heat treatment process of steel in high-precision parts, and the nitriding temperature is very low, so that

After the nitriding technology is solved, the refrigeration process is not necessarily violent, so the deformation of high-precision parts in the hardware processing plant will be very small. Therefore, the nitriding technology is also used in the processing of high-precision parts

Z is one of the technologies used to enhance surface properties, and it is also widely used at this stage.