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Precision Hardware Processing Process Flow and Precautions


The so-called precision hardware processing refers to the processing and manufacturing of precision hardware raw materials. Usually, precision hardware processing is used to produce parts with a precision of 0.05mm. Precision metal processing can be divided into precision plastic metal processing, precision stamping metal processing and precision turning metal processing. Here is a brief introduction to the process flow and precautions of precision hardware processing. Welcome to read it!

Precision hardware processing process:

1. Material opening: according to production needs, order steel materials from the material supplier, and then conduct material opening processing;
2. Test: after the material is opened, use the four side test tolerance to test;
3. Processing: After the inspection, it can be directly taken to the punch for milling or CNC computer processing. This step is extremely important and requires extremely meticulous processing. The quality of precision hardware processing products depends on the processing quality;
4. Surface treatment: often after precision hardware processing, the surface of hardware parts will be further polished, polished, oil sprayed or plated to improve the quality of products and increase the service life of products;
5. Shipment: When all processing and surface treatment are completed, assembly can be carried out, and then shipment can be perfect.

Precautions for precision hardware processing:

1. Precision hardware processing materials.

Precision hardware processing products are generally used in places with high requirements for material quality such as aviation, clocks and watches, so the quality requirements for processing hardware products are also high. Therefore, high-quality materials are generally used for precision hardware processing.

2. Accurate design drawings are required.
Just now, precision hardware processing is to process some hardware parts with small diameter, so the design drawings of this product should be accurate, and the parts will lose thousands of miles. If the drawing is inaccurate, the produced parts may not be used, which increases the production cost.

3. Cost budget.
In many cases, the price of precision hardware processing products is relatively low, so we should also take this into account in the budget, which requires that the cost of precision hardware processing must be controlled. The improvement of production technology and production efficiency plays an important role in cost control.

Precision hardware processing is a process with high requirements on all aspects, but as long as these precautions are achieved, it can be done well in general.