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Operation principle of customized control system for non-standard precision hardware processing


Operation principle of non-standard precision hardware processing customization CNC computer lathe processing control system can generally control the machine tool to realize automatic start stop, reversing and speed change of the spindle according to the digital program command, automatically control the feed speed, direction and processing route, perform processing, select the cutter, adjust the cutting amount and travel path according to the cutter size, and complete various auxiliary actions required in processing.

Customized non-standard precision hardware processing

When CNC machine tools are used to process parts, it is only necessary to program the part graphics, process parameters, processing steps, etc. in the form of digital information, and input them into the machine tool control system, which will then be converted into the command signal driving the servo mechanism after calculation processing, so as to control the coordinated action of various parts of the machine tool and automatically process the parts.

When the processing object is changed, it is only necessary to rewrite the program code and input it to the machine tool, then the CNC device can replace most functions of human brain and hands, control the whole process of processing, and manufacture any complex parts.

When we use machine tools to process parts, CNC computer lathe processing usually needs to control various actions of the machine tool, one is to control the sequence of actions, the other is to control the displacement of each moving part of the machine tool. When CNC computer lathe is used for machining with ordinary machine tools, such operations as starting, stopping, tool feeding, reversing, spindle speed change and switching cutting fluid are directly controlled manually.

When automatic machine tools and copying machine tools are used for processing, the processing operation and motion parameters of the CNC computer lathe are controlled in the form of analog quantity through the designed cam, profiling and stopper devices. Although they can process more complex parts, and have certain flexibility and versatility, the processing accuracy of the parts is affected by the manufacturing accuracy of the cam and profiling, and the process preparation time is also very long.