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  • In the process standard design of CNC precision parts processing, the correct selection of positioning data has a crucial impact on ensuring the processing requirements of CNC precision parts and arranging the processing sequence reasonably.


  • The quality of precision hardware can be identified in the following ways:


  • The production and processing of metal stamping parts requires many technological processes. If there is a slight carelessness in the operation process, it can easily cause undesirable phenomena such as cracking and tearing of the metal stamping parts, affecting the normal use of the product. The following is an analysis of the causes and prevention methods of cracking of metal stamping parts.


  • The working principle of CNC hardware processing can generally control the machine tool according to numerical sequential instructions to achieve automatic spindle start/stop, reversing, and speed change. It can automatically control the feed speed, direction, and processing route for processing. Able to select tools and adjust the cutting amount and walking path according to the tool size, and can complete various auxiliary actions required in processing.


  • The aluminum alloy die casting is a kind of pressure casting parts. It uses the mechanical die-casting machine equipped with the casting mould to pour the aluminum alloy heated into the liquid into the feeding port of the die-casting machine, and then through the die-casting machine to cast the aluminum alloy parts with the shape and size limited by the mould. Such parts are usually called aluminum alloy die casting.


  • At present, the definition of micro-holes at home and abroad is as follows: holes with diameter of 0.1-1.0ram are called small holes, and holes with diameter of less than are called micropores. With the rapid development of emerging microelectronics industry, micro-mechanics and micro-electro-mechanical system industry, more and more components with micro-holes as key structures are used, the size of the hole is becoming smaller and smaller, and the accuracy requirements are becoming higher and higher.